"Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth"
- Pablo Picasso




Anna May Wiong


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Robert Doisneau
Paris, 1952
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The Enigma of Arrival and the Afternoon
by Giorgio de Chirico (1911-1912).
"the enigma of arrival and the afternoon"
- the Myth of Ariadne




Edvard Munch probable the most celebrated paint artist from Norway.



Lars Hertervig, landscape painter 1831-1902.
He was none of Norway's most gifted painter, who's life stranded in mental illness. Before this the poor guy who grew up in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) at a small island at south west coast of Norway student by famous Norwegian landscape painter Hans Fredrik Gude in Dusseldorf.
In 1856 only 24 of age he was hospitalized at the lunatic asylum in Gaustad (Norway) and diagnosed as suffering of melancholia. (He was one of the first patient at Gaustad). He was discharged two later and at 28 he declared as incurable. Not before 1952 an antipsychotic drug for treating emotional disorders such as schizophrenia and mania was identified.
He often mentioned as "the painter of the light". In medical journal of Gaustad from 1856 he declared that the cause of his illness was fixed observation of landscapes in the light of the sun ("Den er bevirket ved stirrende iakttagelse af Landskaberne i Solskin").
Hertervig died in the poorhouse in Stavanger, 6th January, 1902. And in 1996, at an auction sale, one of his paintings Paysage de Fjord was sold for the sum of 3.2 million kroner ($500,000).
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Lars Hertervig digitalt fortalt

Lars Hertervig
"Gamle furutrær",
Rogaland Museum of Fine Arts has the country’s largest collection of Lars Hertervig’s works


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"Så lenge vi ligger i samme sengen min kjære
er jeg helt likegyldig med været der ute"

Odd Børretzen - "Kjærlighetssang"


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